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Duquesne seeks city's help with schools


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Duquesne school district would like the city's help with their school district. Frankly, I do not think it is fair for the city to help run a school district that does not belong to it, nor pays taxes into the system. I realize that this is a very poor area, but if it wants the city's help it should only be fair that they become part of it and help make the numbers grow.

I think that this is just unfair to those of us who live in the city and pay both property and income taxes for schools.


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This issue is up for a vote this evening, and I think its very unfair to city residents. We are starting to see the light and now someone wants to mooch from us without becoming part of the city. The surrounding boroughs don't want to merge either, so Duquesne is just supposed to continue to struggle as a non-place. I think if they want our help they should be annexed.

Why don't city residents get to vote if we want to approve to help them? Sometimes the shortsightedness of the surrounding non-entities amaze me. They want to use our name, energy, and money to support aging milltowns without direction in the 21st century. Yet another case for a merger. We would be much stronger as 1.


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