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Bremerton is booming!


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I've lived in Bremerton since 1998. I initially moved because I couldn't qualify for a decent home in Seattle where I had lived three years.

I ended up loving it, and Bremerton is absolutely the best place I've ever lived. My partner and I have a fabulous home that we could never afford in Seattle.

In the last two years developments on Bremerton's waterfront, plus terrific job opportunities with good wages, have begun the springtime of downtown's rebirth.

When I stroll downtown I just can't believe the positive change.....new shoppes, coffee shoppes, restaurants.

And real estate values are totally skyrocketing. Not many houses for sale either.

We really love Bremerton and I hope to be able to retire here. It would be very sad to leave~~

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I took the ferry over to Bremerton when I was in Seattle. I really enjoyed the city, and have thought about moving there and either commuting in or working there.

I had a slice of pizza at a Boston-themed place across from the Marriott and had coffee at a place Downtown. I came during the blackberry festival, and was really impressed with the Downtown area, especially the residential stuff, which had that old apartment charm that I like. I also saw a few signs for residential projects, especially along the waterfront.

Beautiful town though, and quite different from Seattle.

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Bremerton is great. Three new condos are being built on the waterfront near the Boardwalk where the Blackberry Festival takes place.......I understand the new waterfront hotel is booked full most nights. Another hotel is on the drawing boards.

The commute is fine with most people. Unfortunately the commute is too much for my nerves. Most people are able to relax and read, etc, but it makes me too nervous-lol

My partner is commuting to Redmond to work, and says it doesn't bother him at all.

One thing I just love about Bremerton is the air quality. It's pristine air! Ya notice it immediately when ya get off the ferry.

The population is 37,000 but it seems very urban. A full bus system, tolerance and acceptance of diversity, but nice and quiet compared to Seattle. When ya go to the grocery store there's never any traffic or difficulty in finding a parking place:)

Pleasant small town life an hour away from the good and bad of the city.

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I agree, Bremerton is very quaint and some really nice viewpoints you couldnt ever grasp from Seattle. Its WAY cheaper and is rather tolerant. i know a few gay couples that live there. There's also a healthy (in comparison to most of Washington State) amount of diversity thanks to the military presence in Bremerton (Naval). It up and coming! GO BREMERTON!!!

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