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Pittsburgh's unheralded corporations.


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With GNC mulling going public and the Fortune 500 beast that Giant Eagle would make if it ever went public, I thought it might be wise to make a thread about some of the industrial Giants that call the region home but very seldomly get a mention.

NEP is one that I have seen at Madison Square Garden before, but never realized what an industry leader they truly are. They are the largest purchaser of Sony production equipment in the world :shok: !


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MarcUSA article about expansion of their technology both in Pittsburgh and Dallas. It is hard to get real numbers (I have tried) but MARC supposedly is one of the largest "private" ad agencies in the world, I wonder what they mean by "private" since all ad agencies I know of are not stock issuing companies (unless they are a division of a "public" company).

Fascinating how Madison Avenue has a true challenger in MarcUSA, the things they could do to turn around stereotypes of this region are endless IMO.

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