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"Harmonic Runway" and the PAC


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One of Miami's coolest Art in Public Places installations is about to be scrapped because of the remodelling of Miami International Airport. Christopher Janney's "Harmonic Runway" has delighted millions of people for over 11-years in what was then the opening of a new concourse. Consisting of 132-sheets of colored glass 180-feet long, it made you think you were walking through a rainbow. And, as you walk through the colors, you trigger music and sounds from nature via photo-electric cells. Aside from the fact that it cost taxpayers over $360,000.00, the work is worthy of numerous kudos from the media and Mr. Janney is a respected and world-renown architect and that alone should be enough to merit any effort to save it.

My solution to recycle the work to the bridge connecting the two performance halls of the Performing Arts Center has been received with enthusiasim from Mr. Janney and the Miami Herald's art and architecture critic Beth Dunlop (see email correspondence below). I would re-christen it "Harmonic Bridge" and let the symbolism speak for itself.

Perhaps readers of this site might want to get involved. You could send emails to commissioners and mayors and even Ms. Dunlop supporting the idea (and perhaps get her to write a story about it as promised in her email below). The PAC is scheduled to open in October so, there isn't much time. "Harmonic Runway" can be seen at http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...1969-53,GGLC:en.

The Performing Arts Center can be seen at http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...GLC:en%26sa%3DG

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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:57:27 EST

Subject: Re: "Harmonic Runway" becomes "Harmonic Bridge"

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Hi there

I apologize if I didn't answer this myself. I did forward your email to Christopher Janney who is fired up over the idea but OF COURSE there is bureaucratic resistence.

I totally agree with you on this and if I can, I will try to write a column on this (I'm way backed up because of a broken ankle that kept me sidelined all fall).

Thanks for writing!!

Beth Dunlop

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Subj: "Harmonic Runway" becomes "Harmonic Bridge"

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Dear Ms. Dunlop,

Too bad artist Christopher Janney's Art in Public Places 180-foot-long "Harmonic Runway" has to be permanently removed from the American Airlines terminal because of remodeling. Too bad because of technical and budgetary restrictions it can't be recycled to the new Performing Arts Center where it could be used in the bridge that will span Biscayne Blvd to unite the two performance halls. Too bad we will never get a chance to rename the art "Harmonic Bridge," a symbolic and wholly appropriate name change. Maybe we could tap one of our rich south Florida entertainers to fund the difference in budgeted construction costs in exchange for naming rights of the bridge. Afterall, it isn't like we don't have enough to choose from: Ophra, Mel Brooks, Desmond Child, Richard Jay-Alexander, the Estefans, etc. And, wouldn't it be cool if the benefactor turned out to be somebody like P Diddy or Luther Campbell? Talk about a symbolic bridge. What do you think? Is there any chance in recycling this valuable piece of public art?

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