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Foshay Tower to become a boutique W Hotel


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The 32-story building, which was built in 1929, will be the second downtown office building to be converted into a hotel. The Farmers and Mechanics Bank Building is currently being converted to a 214-room Westin Hotel. There are currently numerous hotel projects underway and ready to break ground in downtown Minneapolis. This is great news for the Minneapolis market because the city has a major shortage of hotel rooms and these conversions are helping the vacancy rate. The 900 - 1,000ft tower that many "in the know" are talking about will become reality sooner than later.

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Sounds nice! Its interesting what a couple years can do, I remember hearing the hotel market being really dead not long ago. Le Meridian practically giving rooms away. Perhaps that was a one-off situation, not indicative of the market.

I wonder where that 900-1000 ft tower will go.

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