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Is Harrisburg listening?


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Interesting to see how Congress, Wall Street, Mad Ave., Hollywood Blvd. and now even the Wiki-ites (I among them) see Long Beach, Louisville, Arlington, San Jose, etc. as "cities" and don't quite remember much about Pittsburgh. Harrisburg just keeps grovving to the mile long township oldies, the old 1700s "must have a constable and council for every .5 sq. miles in those hollows and bluffs" (I think somebody in Harrisburg said that sometime lol). Anyway I'm getting back to reading about REAL cities, you know the ones allowed to gobble up land twice their size every decade, taxbase along with it. To quote that druglord in Clear and Present Danger, Harrisburg "do you hear [us], are you LISTENING to [us]"?

And to think some slick politico voided out the majority vote of AC in the late 20's consolidation movement for some corporate payouts (why divide and conquer when you don't have to let the 190+ munis unite in the first place). This is why sometimes I wish the Virginians had stayed around here in the 1770s, we'd be the capital of our own state by now, do those Atlantaesque moves of annexing across county lines, or Indianapolis moves like being the first to fully consolidate, but here we are obeying the deities in Hburg instead.

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