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Your city's/region's stock exchange(s).

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Interesting link on the history of the first stock exchanges in America, why they got started and how they closed or merged into today's NYSE or PHLX or Chicago Merc.

Pittsburgh I always knew had one in the 1890s to the great depression but I was suprised to learn that Pittsburgh Stock Exchange dated all the way back to 1859 and lasted well into the 1970s when it was absorbed by PHLX.

Hint:Scroll all the way down past appendix to see individual summaries of ALL exchanges.

Stock Exchange Histories

Here is a sample from the very very bottom of the document:

San Francisco Stock Exchange

Merged with Los Angeles Stock Exchange in 1957 to form the Pacific Coast Exchange.Unique among the regionals, the Pacific Exchange still maintains separate trading floors in LosAngeles and San Francisco. The options floor is in San Francisco.

Standard Stock Exchange of Spokane, Wash.

An exempt low-volume exchange, it ceased trading on May 24, 1991. (SEC Release34-29422) Founded in 1897, it primarily traded gold and silver mining stocks and was knownfor its penny stocks. Although trading boomed in the early 1980s with the rise in gold and silverprices, the slump in gold and silver prices in the late 1980s and early 1990s led to the demise ofthe exchange. The low trading volume made it uneconomic to pay for needed modernizationneeded to implement new SEC rule changes designed to prevent penny stock fraud.

Washington Stock Exchange (D.C.)

Merged into Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington in 1953. (See Walter (1957) for details ofconsolidation.)

Wheeling Stock Exchange

Wheeling was one of the exchanges that had a low volume exemption from SECregistration requirements. When it ceased doing business on April 30, 1965, it traded 11 stocks,8 of which were also listed on the NYSE. (SEC Release 7590)

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