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Who is Reading About Grand Rapids?


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It's probably no surprise to most of you the Grand Rapids forum is one of the busiest on UrbanPlanet. So who is doing all the reading? We get a lot of people reading the GR forum who are not from GR. Just for fun, here is a graphical view of where the the people are located that are reading UrbanPlanet.

UrbanPlanet Visitors (click on show more pins)

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Definately a neat map. :)

Remember folks, geographic mapping to IP address is definately not accurate.

For example, say you were a customer of mine. We have pools of IP addresses that we can assign. Most of ours are tagged as Grand Rapids MI. 49508, as this is where our NOC is and the address we register with ARIN (Folks who hand out IP addresses).

Say you live in Traverse City and are a customer of ours - it's going to show that you have an IP in Grand Rapids. :)

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is this to just the GR forum, or to the main urbanplanet.org website?

This is for the entire site of UrbanPlanet.org. It isn't going to be exactly accurate as none of us have GPS built into our cable modems ( :P ) but it is fairly close to the geographic location of our visitors. It gives you an idea of the scale of our reach here. One note is that it hasn't even been running for 24 hours yet. It is currently processing data only about 19 or 20 hours old as I just implemented it yesterday afternoon.

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