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Norwich's OTHER abandoned hospital


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This is by Norwich's car dealerships then (Toyota, Nissan, etc.)???? There were plans before to turn the hospital into a community college before I believe...did they fall through?

Yeah... most of the car dealerships in Norwich are right nearby...

I don't think it was seriously considered for Three Rivers Community College, but my memory could be wrong. One plan was to just combine the Thames Valley campus of the community college with the trade school, which would get moved to the location of the Mohegan campus. Another plan was the opposite of the plan above. There were two less likely plans for the college: one at the Norwich Hospital (Utopia) campus, and the other idea was for Franklin Street in downtown Norwich. I think the first plan I mentioned is what's going to happen.

The Thames Valley campus is adjacent to the Uncas on Thames property, but is a few miles away when travelling by road.

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The state will combine Three Rivers @ the Thames Valley site. The city wants to work out a deal so that students can access TRCC from Rt. 32 as well as New London Tpke, so as to not overwhelm the latter. The Franklin St plan would have been fantastic for downtown Norwich. It would have cleaned out the slummiest area in the city.

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