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Dentzels Around Town (Burlington NC)

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Dentzels Around Town

"Believe In The Magic of Carousels"

The Dentzels Around Town, part of the Downtown's Public Art Program is underway. Artists are creating their own designs on carousel horses that will be on display for public viewing April-September. Horses will be on display at various locations throughout downtown includings The Depot, Times-News building, May Memorial Library and the City Municipal building. Additional locations throughout downtown will be determined at a later date.


My daughter and I were on our way to the May Memorial Library in Burlington on Saturday. As we rode along, we started spotting something new. We saw some carousel horses in areas around town. It sparked our interest as to what it was all about. There was one outside of the library that was "painted" so to speak with tiny bits of book text. I later picked up Piedmont Escapes, a local free "what's happening" type magazine that features activities around Alamance County, and read a small blip about them. I found the above article about them online. I am hoping to get back downtown sometime soon to take some pictures of them. Appears they'll be auctioned off during the Carousel Festival in September.

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I finally remembered to take my camera today downtown to take some pictures of these special pieces of artwork sponsored by various organizations and businesses downtown. I am not sure if there are more of these-this is all I found so far. I am posting both the horse and the artist/sponsor information. Enjoy!



^This one was outside of the Times/News (newspaper) office on Main Street. It is covered in Newspaper clippings.



^This one also is on Main Street in Downtown Burlington, outside of Capital Bank. It is covered by different kinds of insects



^This one sits outside of the May Memorial Library. It is covered with different book clippings.



^This one sits outside of the Paramont Theater. It is just painted.



^This one sits outside of the old depot. It is covered in historical photos and facts from around the county.



^This one sits outside of the Federal Building on Spring Street. It is covered with various things.



^ This one sits outside of the Municiple Building. It is just painted.

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