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SketchUp now free (as in beer)


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Google bought the company that created SketchUp... and are now giving it away for free (as in beer).

There are two versions Google SketchUp (free) and the Pro version for $495... I'm sure you know what one you want.


It also is integrated with google earth, soyou can model a building, then place it in google earth.

Who's up for modeling every structure in GR for us so the whole city is explorable in google earth?

Too bad downtown is blurry on google earth.

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^I've modeld about 80-85% of downtown.

This announcment comes as no suprise. They have eyed this software for a while now. I suspect Google's version is a early dated version of Sketchup. Sketchup 5 has been out for a little bit, used it and was thrilled.

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