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Dubai undercover police branch launched to target street racing


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First of all feels good to see this forum is still active.

Somehow my subscription to new topics just went away and I thought this Dubai forum died out.

Boy racers who are staging dangerous impromptu races on Dubais roads are firmly in the sights of a team of new undercover traffic police.

Brigadier Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Director of Dubai Traffic Police Department, said a new road safety campaign launched by his office would provide the motivation for racers to stop.

'What these people are doing is illegal and we now have undercover police cars that can take control of such racers,' the top official said.

'We are also now using our radars to compile a record of those who drive above 50 per cent of the speed limit like racers and they may lose their driving licences. We will impound their cars and even confiscate the vehicles if they repeat the offence,' Al Zafeen added.

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comes with the territory of being a big international city I'm afraid, good to see that the authorities are finding constructive ways to keep people safe and stop this. Just let us Pittsburghers know how you all like the Yenko Super Cameros though, our gift to the racing world (regulated track racing world)!

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