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Colt show called off


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Sad that they were unable to get the funding for this show. I understand the reservations many donors and corporations may have given the content of the show. However, given the history of Samuel Colt and Colt Firearms in our city, it would be a great show. Personally I hate guns, but cannot ignore the history of our nation. It's sad, here's hoping for an 11th hour funding from some rich area residents or open minded corporations.

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sad. could of done it when the bigeast women's tournament was here. This is just the art show not the slow colt project right?

Yes it's an art show that would have been held at the Wadsworth. It's a shame though, all that Hartford history will been shown across the country but not here. Has nothing to do with the ongoing Colt Development.

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Colt Show Back On

12:29 PM EST, March 29, 2006

The Hartford Courant

The 179-object exhibition "Samuel Colt: Arms, Art and Invention," which was canceled earlier this month because of lack of funding, will open Sept. 20 at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford.

West Hartford philanthropists Melinda and Paul Sullivan are underwriting the $300,000 show, the museum announced today.

The show is accompanied by a 352-page, $65 catalog published by Yale University Press.

The show is already set to tour beginning in February, 2007.

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This is amazing news... a little while ago when the show was still called off there was an editorial in the Courant about a person from Avon who was deeply saddened by the cancelling of the show and so now besides showing off Hartford history we can show off Hartford to the suburbanites who will show up in downtown for the show

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