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the front page looks nice and clean, but after clicking through to a couple departments, it seems that nothing but the front page was changed.

more veneer. :(

I control the internal webpage for my company. We just revamped our homepage and are now working on the smaller department pages. Perhaps that's what they city is doing now. We found it works better because it's not a big change all at once which people usually find intimidating and don't like. Baby steps! It helps to ensure long term success...you know, from my experience.

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Department web pages are being update as time and money allows. WE hope to have planning's up and running by July. Looking at a few different approaches to get information out and let people comment on what we are doing. Also trying to get all of our various programs up so that people can file on line. I'm excited that we are finally able to get this done. Also will be putting out an e newsletter every 4 to 6 weeks. People don't know the wide variety of things that we do.

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