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North Minneapolis


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Over the years I've lived in Minneapolis I have not paid much attention to North Minneapolis. From what you hear in the news and read in the papers it seems pretty unattractive for a place to live.

I'm actually looking at a few properties in the area since my wife and i decided to start looking for houses. Looking around it really does not seem that bad and I've noticed that there are several smaller project going in that will help revitalize the neighborhood.

What do you guys think about the area. Are there any projects that i should keep my eyes on. I read somewhere that the neighborhood is expected to get a good face lift in the coming years. if so, I think now would be the perfect time to get in there before the prices of houses shoot up dramatically.

Any thoughts and suggestions?

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Are you talking about Northeast, coined "Nordeast", east of the Mississippi River, or North Minneapolis west of the river? There is definitely a shift of people into Nordeast partially because of the thriving artist community and associated galleries; prices are going up, but that's not to say you couldn't find something reasonable.

West of the river has seen some developments too, although prices are a bit lower.

IMO many of the businesses around Central and Lowry are great, especially when all the ethnic dining and shopping is put into consideration. That is an awesome area. :thumbsup:

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