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Academy Awards

it's just dave

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I heard the word Nashville about 12 times on Sunday's award show. The word Memphis came out at least twice. Seems Tennessee got some good representation last night in various genres.

Hometown girl Reese got her Best Actress statue, and Harpeth Hall goes crazy.

Dolly did a great job with her song, and Music Row smiled.

And "Mafia" got their Best Song Oscar...and I really don't want to know too much about THAT party. lol. Congrats to all.

Only three nominations for Best Song, and our Tennessee folks performed two of them. West and Middle...way to go.

Pretty cool.

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I mentioned it elsewhere, but the Univ. of Memphis pep band always plays "Whoop that Trick" from "Hustle and Flow" at U of M basketball games to get the defense in the right mood. It shook up those white boys from Gonzaga. :lol:

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