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Bell South Tower?


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Hmmm, interesting. I hope the new logo looks good. That building's exterior is in need of some maintainance....

Oh, and I just read on UrbanJacksonville that the Wachovia sign was being installed on the Riverplace Tower! Speaking of which, I noticed this past Christmas that Riverplace's traditional red and green lighting scheme was not shining on the building. Curious....

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As Bellsouth hasn't owned that building for a number of years (but is the building's largest tennant), I wouldn't be surprised to see the naming rights up for bids.

Now, the big, ugly Bellsouth/AT&T building on Pearl St. (you can't miss it, it is the one with the derelict microwave towers on the roof) -- I'd like to see them put their name on that one.

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Keep in mind that BellSouth really isn't that old of a name. Prior to 1983, it was Southern Bell a subsidary of AT&T. In contrast Southern Bell was more than 100 years old by the time its name was changed to BellSouth. There isn't any historical reason to keep the BellSouth name.

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