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I'm curious if anyone here enjoys music that strays a little from the norm. I've become a regular listener to 88.1 WFSK, which plays mostly smooth jazz. I'm also really into lounge and chill music, downtempo, and even a little new age. WRVU, 91.1 is pretty much Nashville's station for lesser known genres of music. For the most part, I need my satellite radio to open my options past terrestrial radio.

Nashville needs more underground types of hangouts like NYC and Atlanta. This is music city. As far as I'm concerened, it need not be limited to country/western.

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91.1 is the only music station I listen to. The great thing, besides no commercials, is that it's a new show every two hours. Although the majority of the DJ's play similar indie rock type sets, the rest of them play a really eclectic mix of stuff. You can find at least one show during the week featuring almost any type of music you want to hear and a lot that you probably don't want to hear. Terrestrial radio will is becoming something of a niche market. There are just too many options now, and with new cars coming with satellite radio and mp3 capabilities, radio is losing its foothold on the last place they had a captive audience.

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