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Live/Work Developments


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Besides 3030 South in Southend, I don't know of any other projects that specifically include live/work spaces. 3030 South seems to be doing well as they have expanded the units along South Boulevard. I think its a good idea since the model encourages less time on the road and life in neighborhoods during the weekday and not just after 5 and on the weekends. It seems rather niche though and probably will not become commonplace in my opinion.

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Morrison Plantation up at Mooresville has maybe 20 of these units, as does Cornelius Town Center on E. Catawba Ave (though this project has done poorly, due to zoning limitations on what the owner can do with their units). Also, there are some units at the Rosedale apartment community at Exit 23....I believe these rent pretty well.

Another project that just broke ground in South End is Abbot Street Professional Homes.


I really dig these units. They're located adjacent to the Camden Square West Village on S. Tryon (the ones that are metal office condos painted red, blue, yellow, and green).

I can't think of any other in the works right now, but I anticipate that it will become more common as Charlotte attracts new residents, especially foreignrs who tend to be entreprenuerial.

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There are also live work condos in Vermillion in Huntersville. These along with the onces in Cornelius mentioned by atlrvr are at transit stops on the N. Commuter rail line.

This is a photo of the Cornelius condos. The ones in Vermillion are very similar.


There are also these condos in Southend. I believe these were the first live/work condos to be built in the area.


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