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The Oakland Health Club


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I found this lovely account of a night at the Oakland Health Club on Oakland Ave. Built in 1930 it has been a favored after-work spot for many a man in Detroit. And I couldn't wait to share this with everyone, perhaps we all (or actually not all since it's a men's only place for certain reasons) need a nice opportunity to relax given how tense things have become lately:



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I've always wanted to join a men's club, like that or a "cigar room" type business, but I'm too intimated! I feel like only the rich and powerful hang out at places like that.

I'm just a schmuck looking for a place to relax after a rough day in the office and not be bothered.

What goes in the video room? ;)

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Also, is the Harry Meltzer the guy that "Uncle Harry's Deli" out in St Clair Shores Mack between 8 and 9 mile is named after? I was in there a few weeks ago and noticed a rather large sign on the wall for the "Oakland Health Club" surrounded by pictures of "Harry" and his family and friends.

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