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I'm new to this forum, but stumbled acrossed some of your posts about the Abrams Aerial Survey building and also the Royal Oak Lofts (both of which are close to me). I'm originally from Grand Ledge (5 minutes west of Lansing), but finishing up my B.S. in Architecture at Lawrence Tech in Southfield. I am looking to move back to Lansing this summer, and am currently searching for firms to send resumes to. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much work above "middle of the road" stuff out of the Lansing area. Anyone have any suggestions on which firms are doing the better end of the design work in Lansing?

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Someone will be able to help more, but here are a few newer ones that seem to be up-and-coming, and some old favorites in no particular order:

1. Studio [intrigue] Architects - Okemos


2. Bernath-Coakley Associates Architects, Inc. - Delta Township


3. Keystone Design Group - Lansing


4. Mayotte/Jacob Architects - Delta Township


5. Ledy Design Group - Lansing


6. Swanson Design Studio - Old Town, Lansing (church design)


7. Fishbeck Thompson Carr & Huber Inc - Delta Township regional office


8. Hobbs & Black - Lansing regional office


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I'm not neccesarily looking for the highest profile firm, but rather one that is doing the best work.

That said, I have talked with a rep from Hobbs + Black before and done some research on them. They do seem to be producing some decent designs. I have a resume and portfolio set to send out to them. Thanks to those of you that are leaving me some feedback on here!

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Hobbs & Black tend to do more government and education projects in Lansing, are are actually based out of Ann Arbor. They are very selective in what they take on. Kind of stuffy if you ask me, but some may like that environment.

I'd recommend Studio [intrigue] Architects. It's a new, progressive firm with a lot of young minds a good vision. They have also grown by leaps in bounds over the few years they've been in existence. At the moment, they are designing the Stadium District lofts and condos going up across from Oldsmobile Park, downtown. They also did the redesign for the groudfloor of 101 South Washington, to hold Troppos. They tend to do more creative projects, and have an affinity for downtown Lansing.

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I checked out Studio [intrigue]'s site, and they look like the type of firm I'd like to get involved with. Nice that the owners are also Lawrence Tech grads, too! I'll probably stop in there this Friday and personally drop off a resume and portfolio with them.

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My personal taste is more towards Studio intrigue and others. I'm not a fan of the low-quality post modern architecture that Hobbs & Black seems to lean towards (although they have done some nice stuff). I'm glad to see another company on the rise in Lansing.

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