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Redevelopment in Camden


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This is a little old but I figured I'd go ahead and post anyway. There's a plan to redevelop a large section of East Camden, known as Cramer Hill. The thing is, this would gut some of the old neighborhood while bringing in new business and residents. Here's the link to the master plan:


The only glaring omission I can notice right away is lack of comprehensive plans for connecting to transit, particularly the River LINE which runs right through the area. This plan has been generating no small amount of controversy, while others are strongly in favor of it. I hope for the sake of the local residents, they don't just tear everything down and build a generic mall complete with Best Buy like I've been hearing. Also rumors have been floating of plans for a golf course. What would be nice, is for the new developments to closely match the existing neighborhood. That doesn't seem likely however. Quite a bit of space is given to waterfront development, and some is industrial too, which hopefully should bring some needed jobs in.



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One of my professors is intimately involved with a redevelopment plan (not sure if it's this one) in Camden. He's proposing a radical increase in the density of housing units (at least doubling or tripling the number) in the area. There's a lot of controversy surrounding his plan and I believe he's being sued over it. I'll have to get more info.

This neighborhood has a wonderful housing stock!

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Cool pics JerseyMan :) Camden has loads of character, though it may be run down. I love that style of house with the sort of hexagonal shape windows on the second floor. Guess you have to grow up in Jersey to love something like that! :P

Here's some more links about Camden I've had saved for awhile.

The Courier-Post's running series on Camden, Camden 2015:


Plans for the Camden waterfront area. (old) Some of the things here have already taken place, i.e. River LINE, Victor Lofts etc. There's some interesting drawings of a "town center" and the "Aerial Tram" (please dear God don't let them build that! :shok: )


This site is just All About Camden. Has all kinds of info!


^^ (The Erlton Italian bakery featured on this site has a location in Collingswood and was a favorite of mine when I lived there. If you ever get a chance try the Spinach Bread! :thumbsup: )

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