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Mixed Use idea dies in North Raleigh

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Not sure if The New Water Garden MarketPlace out on Hwy 70 (nearCarMax) was ever a post here on UB. Dick Bell is a unique guy who had a very unique forward thinking mix use design planned where his current Water Garden office park is located. He could not get a grocery store to commit since they like big parking lots and strip centers. It will now be housing for the retiring boomers.

The poject would have people working and living and shopping in the same location. Not to mention all the neighborhoods that have grown up around there that would be well within walking distance. I could not find a picture of it on the web but it was very unique

The plan was nothing like what is out there now.

I was watching the planning commision on Raleigh TV one night about a year ago when he presented the plan for the first time and I believe it was Russ Stephenson who was on the planning commission at that time said when Bell finished his presentation....."WOW.....all I can say is WOW!!!!"

I think he wanted a developer to sign up with him but I guess none did and along without the grocery store, it dies and that land will now be senior housing.

Some people are trying to change things.



2nd story http://www.ncsu.edu/news/dailyclips/1104/111004.htm#3

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I saw the initial planning commission meeting on TV as well. I liked the idea as well.

Out there on Glenwood is some of the worst thought-out development in the whole triangle. It's all high-density townhomes and flats, with absolutely no proximity to any services whatsoever. This project was supposed to change that. But it looks like it wasn't to be.

Oh well, I'd already given up on Glenwood anyway. What puzzles me beyond belief is that the current sort of development is what people actually want...

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