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Should the city lure Consol from the 'burbs?


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Consol (for those that may not be familiar) is one of the more major players in the mining/lumber and glass industries, it is best known for it's coal mining operations and is really second only to the legendary Peabody coal (or BTU) in market share. For decades it has made its corporate home in Upper St. Clair but is now considering moving farther south (to SouthPointeII) closer to some of its Pennsylvania operations.

Although this is by no means a "new economy" or hip company I think the city should persue them, it seems the biggest consideration for Consol is being close to an interstate, fast access to the airport and its Pennsylvania operations and most importantly a new high-tech HQs (the current one would be too expensive to renovate for hightech).

I could imagine the Pittsburgh Technology Center in south Oakland being a great location for them, great access to I-376 and could get Pitt/CMU help with the tech side of things. They wouldn't be much closer to their Greene and Washington co. facilities but considering they have operations in Ky, southern Ohio, and WV, an extra 20 min. to get to Washington co. shouldn't be a deal breaker.

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