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Possible Light Rail Route Map West HNL Metro

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Here's a map of possible routes being proposed and discussed for a hmmm who knows light rail for the city of Honolulu to and from its fastest growing suburb!

The City Council intends to pick a new mass transit system in December that will stretch from Kapolei to Manoa and possibly Waikiki. In addition to fixed rail

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^No i'd imagine it will be atleast a decade or so after they decide on a plan well if they choose one the different types of rail transit options. I think that the final decision will be made in December but i am not a 100% sure. I really hope it does come into fruition because the idea of rail has been debated for many many years in Honolulu but kept getting shot down even when there was federal money offered! :wacko: All i know is Honolulu is really undergoing a serious transformation on so many levels its quite amazing for a metro that is still under a million. There's also an interisland Ferry system that should start either this year or next year too and i think another major interisland airline as well which would equal about 4 major interisland carriers (although there are smaller ones they are not as well known and as profitable)

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