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3 new restaurants coming to North Shore


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Key part of that article was "In time for the All Star game this summer"!!!!

The ASG will go a looooooong way in promoting this city, almost a week long of free advertising some during prime time!

Great article Evergrey.

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A game like this is always a plus, but (and not to sound negative) it won't go a long way. Sure, the folks that attend will have to be impressed if they have never been to Pgh and it never hurts to see great shots of the area on TV etc.

What I'm saying that it's good, but it won't cause to happen want we want to happen (at least not on our scale).

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Mj, if what you're speaking of is the typical stereotype changer, or Pittsburgh's final ascencion into Silicon Valley type prosperity, no one game will change things, but the ASG will buy the city TV and radio promos that all the money west of the Alleghenies couldn't. The added restaurants and culture on the northside (if they keep the time table they set out in the article) can only help it more. One week of promos does not a turnaround make but any businessman will tell you that you can have the greatest product in the world, but it won't succeed until you have Madison Avenue and Hollywood Blvd. splash it all over our pop-culture for weeks. ;)

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