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Red Hills Horse Trials!


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I Love the red hills horse trials. for anyone who doesnt know, its a worldclass equestrian competition every year right here in tallahassee.

Riders come from around the globe to compete and earn points toward the olympic team!

unfortunatley the 2 people in charge of it retired, and it may not continue.....

Phipps, the landowner of where the trials is held has promised to keep it going, but we need this to keep going, its such a cool event. and the economic impact and attention tallahassee gets is so incredible.!!!

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Looks like they could find 2 more people or a group to run the trials. It's ashame something like this has to die because only 2 people retire. I realize they did the lion's share of the work, but still looks like they could someone to run thing after they are gone.

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No wheres the special signage? is it there year round? also, will this years happen? march 12th? also, Remember I-10 is about to start being pimped. 6 lanes baby!!! with crazy flyovers and aerial ramps!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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