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Durham's McPherson Hospital Redevelopment


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Durham's Old Specialty Hospital, downtown and directly across from Duke East Campus, is being redeveloped into a condo and boutique hotel complex. The main old hospital building will be retained and renovated, but the remaining, newer buildings will be taken down for new construction on their sites and on the parking lots that surround them. There will also be a new condo building on a parking lot across the street.

Here's a schematic of the new building (you can see the old hospital building to the left of the building with the blue canopies):


Here's a plan of the site (the old hospital building is in yellow; Duke East Campus would be in the top left of this plan):


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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing these renderings. We used to live in Trinity Park; this will make a very nice entrance to the neighborhood, a great addition to the East Campus environment, and an overall boost to Durham-- great link between East Campus and Brightleaf. Then with the Blue Devil Ventures renovation of Liggett, between Brightleaf and downtown "proper. Durham is connecting the dots in an amazing and exciting way! Go, Durham, Go! :thumbsup:

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