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Vernon Robinson Defeated!


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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this sooner. The defeat of Vernon Robinson in Winston-Salem is definitely a good thing for the continued urban development of downtown and city planning in Winston.

Robinson, in addition to his bizarre antics of race-baiting radio commercials and putting the Ten Commandments monument on the steps of city hall, has been a consistent critic of any of the efforts to increase economic development in the city and to redevelop downtown.

I've never seen a more divisive person in local government, and often wondered how he kept getting the votes to stay on Council.

Here's a hearty welcome to Robinson's replacement, Molly Leight.


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I am JUBILENT that Robinson was defeated! He was divisive in his rhetoric and the whole thing with the Ten Commandments ticked me off. All he did was "hijack" a religious symbol for his own political gain. Hopefully he is done for in politics in this town!

Being in his ward and in a new subdivision where we have some issues(drainage pipes) to address with the city, I am glad we are going to have new representation!


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