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Manchester: 2005 Mayoral Race

M. Brown

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Politics.....nothin' but back stabbin'! I'd vote for Baines.....So, how's Manchester Place comin'? Any new Manchester developements?

Its coming along fine. Im going to have to take some update pics.

Also I dont see why anyone would vote against mayor baines. Look at all the progress Manchester has made since he as been in office. People are just so stupid. (he was also the principle of West High School, the high school I went to)

GO MAYOR BAINES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t:

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i like to keep my mayors american but i guess that shows you manchesters diversity

that also shows manchester people dont like to get out and vote

well mayor guitna is not mexican if thats what you mean? He is a big time italian. so is mayor baines i believe, even though baines isnt an italian last name. I read somewhere i forgot where it was, they said that both baines and guinta were born in trenton nj and both are italian.

Ill be all set with guinta as long as he keeps on developing manchester.

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I think you could have a monkey as mayor and there would be no problem with Manchester developing. New Hampshire is the fastest growing state in the region, who the mayor is won't change that. The question is the quality of the development. Are we going to see big boxes out by the NH Mall or are we going to see more urbanistically attractive retail and housing in the city's core?

There's no reason we shouldn't be seeing a few condo towers like the ones springing up in Providence and Hartford in Manchester. In fact, if anything, one would expect to see more in Manchester. Diffence between Manchester and Hartford/Providence is Manchester still has a lot of suburban space to develop, Hartford/Providence are becoming more like Greater Boston, where developable land is running out, so the city becomes *the* place to build.

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