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Airline maintenance outsourcing company coming to Pittsburgh


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FINDLAY TWP. - The largest airline maintenance outsourcing company in the country appears to be heading toward Pittsburgh International Airport.


An announcement regarding TIMCO Aviation Services is expected Monday and will mean "significant job creation," said Kevin Ortiz, spokesman for the state Department of Community and Economic Development. Officials from the state, the airport and TIMCO had no additional comment Thursday.

TIMCO started doing overhaul maintenance on aircraft in 1990 in Greensboro, N.C., according to the company Web site. It now has operations in Winston-Salem, N.C.; Macon, Ga.; Lake City, Fla; Oscoda, Mich.; Pacoima, Calif.; and Goodyear, Ariz. TIMCO handles some work for America West Airlines, the merger partner of US Airways.

Currently, about 340 of the 400-plus Pittsburgh mechanics laid off from US Airways this spring are still out of work, including those with seniority dating to January 1989, said Tim McCulloch, a committeeman with the International Association of Machinists local, which represents the mechanics.

the whole article:


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That is excellent news, good find mj!

I remember (I think I posted it here) an article about how IAP is going after the big boys in cargo and expanding cargo facilities at the airport. Glad to see all that hard work is paying off!

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USAirways/AmericaWest are adding flights tooluther? That is great if its true. I might still be looking at the year to year numbers (Nov. of 04 compared to Nov. of 05) but if USAirways has stablizied or is coming back some that is really great news!

One other note, I did notice that the NEW jobs are with a non-union company, hope that doesn't delay things or cause some disharmony over there. Also I hope the job pay scale isn't eroded over time.

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