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Hello everyone,

I've been lurking here for some time now, and I am so impressed by our UP community! Thanks to everyone who supply updates and info.

Let me introduce myself before I get to my question. My husband and I recently moved back to GR (Heritage Hills, actually) from East Lansing. My husband's family has lived in GR for over 160 years! So we have a long history both personal and familial with this wonderful city. We are both medical students (Eek!), he's working in the hospitals here but I have been splitting my time between here and Detroit (Wayne State University School of Medicine).

I have a strong interest in the history of GR, New Urbanism and in the Medical Mile (Hello!?!?! MSU, get your act together and move already!!!), so this forum has been a pleasure to peruse. Sorry to have been lurking for so long, I hope to get more involved in the discussions and perhaps even attend a meet-up.

Anyways, my question is this: Where should I study? I need to get out of my house to be productive, does anyone have any suggestions? Where do you like to go to concentrate and sit for hours on end? it doesn't necessarily have to be a coffee shop either....

Thanks for your suggestions!


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a couple places i use when I need to study,

discussions coffee house on jeferson, during the week is pretty laid back, on the weekend, it's a bit more routy. I also like to sneak into the steelcase library on the GVSU campus.

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I used to study at Steelcase as well but there aren't many places to sit in there. It's really tough around the end of the semester to find a spot. I also like the walking bridge between the Plaza Towers and GVSU when it's nice out. There are a couple benches to sit on and it's usually really quiet.

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Love Urban Mill/It's a grind in Plaza Towers and Sweetwater Cafe is a new coffee shop on west Fulton. He did an awesome job renovating that building. Both have wireless internet and good coffee.

Edit: apparently Sweetwater's changed it's name already to The Bitter End?"

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