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Lansing Photo of the Day


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Another photo taken a bit over 2 years ago...

LMich, I've lived in Lansing my entire life (and still do part time), as I assume you've been there a while...doesnt it seem as if the place never changes. That is part of the reason that I have a hard time "loving" it. I like it, but the lack of change and progression seems pretty aparent by the fact that this picture would look identical today.

Also, have you noticed the car parked in the photo is facing the wrong way down a one way street? :rofl:

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Many cities have views that have not changed in years. My hometown has streets that have not changed since 1801. I would not equate a lack of change for a lack of progress. In fact, if there is anyway to revert some of the "progress" made in Lansing over the past 60 years this might be a better place to live. For example, replacing the pond in Oak Park, or replacing the street level lighting in the northern neighborhoods.

As gas prices continue to rise, those families who derive a living from working in Lansing will be moving closer to town. Depending on how attractive the current residents and city leaders can make the inner-city neighborhoods will affect the urban influx. (Interesting to have a new word in the urban planning vocabulary) Houses on High Street, a street this chat group called the most undesirable in Lansing are asking $89,000+. These houses were valued at $30,000 or less just three years ago.

In addition to two regressions list above, having the core neighborhoods tap back into the Board of Water and Light steam line for heat would also be a huge attraction to many homebuyers.

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I don't know. I'm almost sure where I found this picture said it was from the roof of the Chemistry, Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building. It was so long ago, but that's what I remember. I also have another photo from the same location, and you can see the planetarium RIGHT at the bottom of the photo.

11/11/2005 - Other View


I'm pretty sure it's from the roof of the chemistry building. Just go back and look at the materials of the roof. It's definitely not a dorm.

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I'm pretty sure it's from the roof of the chemistry building. Just go back and look at the materials of the roof. It's definitely not a dorm.

I know for a fact now that this was take from the top of MSU Ramp #1/MSU CATA Transportation Center. I recognize the walls of the ramp because I was up there taking photos yesterday. Also, the recent shot with the planetarium would confirm this location based on the angle and proximity of the planetarium.

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