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The Granite Building


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I read that article this morning. I then came across this one from the Pgh Business Times.

There are some interesting points made about the current, and potential future, state of the downtown residential market.

By the way for those of you who do not know what the Granite building looks like ...

Picture of the Granite Building

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That is excellent news for downtown Pittsburgh, and it is right in the heart of some of the area's best hotspots (Duquesne Club, Grant Street, the Cutural District). With these types of developments a Whole Foods or Giant Eagle downtown can't be too far away!

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Wow, that building is in fact "really cool." I can't believe someone will get an entire floor, all those windows and 3,000 square feet, as a condo. Luxury indeed! This is definitely part of the answer to start curbing down on sprawl and population loss. Some luxury condos might also entice a few CEOs to take up some of the vacant office space Downtown.

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