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Solution for 29th Street


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Hi Folks,

I was doing some errands by 28th street the other day (I HAD to be be there, otherwise I much prefer the smaller local retailers in East town... anyway)

Here's a thought on what could be done to make it pedestrian friendly:

I noticed that most of the retailers are set far back especially on the south side of the street. So here's what we could do:

Flatten and remove all the parking lots in front of the retailers. In this space put in a small two lane street, WITH LARGE SIDEWALKS, that would run parallel to 28th street.

The sidewalks can be used by the retailers for outdoor seating etc.

The empty spaces in between buildings can be filled up with more retailers etc.

We could even have a bus that runs the length of 28th street for pedestrians to hop on and off and do their shopping at the various retailers.

(And the lazy people who want to drive can still park on the rear (29th street??) side of these retailers, since I noticed that most places have parking at the back as well as the front.

What do you guys think????Dumb idea...but its worth thinking about anyway!!dreaming I suppose.

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Honestly, 28th needs to be demolished and rebuilt completely. I hate it.

Yah, its a disaster. The GR Master Plan talks a few times about turning 28th into a boulevard filled in with mixed use, high density residential with commercial centers at key intersections. Is that ever gonna happen? Probably not, but oh man that would be sweet. ;)

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