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3D Rendering attempts.


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^ There is a full version available for sale that allows you to create the 3D buildings.

The free version will allow you to view imported files of the 3D buildings. Someone from the Orlando forum build Orlando in 3D and I was able to import it and can now view it. I think Viper is working on one for Jax too.

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The idea is to pull traffic off of Monroe to: 1) keep tallahassee pedestrian friendly 2) provide a shady, easy way to navigate East Bypass for Highway 27


reverse the one way direction of both calhoun and gadsden

adding at least one lane north bound monroe to mall and through to west I-10

For Thom/Monroe


Continous flow from 27 onto north bound Calhoun

gadsden runs under 27 and merges on with lafayette from gaines.


Both Calhoun and Gadsden would be priority lit with the exeption of tennessee, in which the appropriate sync should be established. the trees would provide shade, and the scenery should be beautiful enough for people to relatively respect a 35mph speed limit. sacrafice conviniience for some speed.

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the second diagram of the appalachee/ bypass interchange is the cheap version, both i think, could be work out with or without flyovers. At appalachee, i think having a flyover for the south bound 27 direction swooping into the 3rd lane through to conner blvd... but i was trying to contain my ambitions!

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Thanks man!!! Here's another angle


Northeast Corner


North East Corner Again


North East Corner in Texture


North East Corner Monochrome

Kleman Plaza 3D Renderings {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Plaza Tower, Tallahassee Center, Mary Brogan Museum, Challenger Learning Center, Florida League of Cities HQ

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