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Plaza Tower Groundbreaking!


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For Immediate Release

October 18, 2005


Downtown Revitalization Gains Momentum With Grounbreaking of City's Largest Residential Condominium Development

Plaza Tower at Kleman Plaza rivals capitol building in size and height and introduces residents to new concept in luxury living

TALLAHASSEE - Tallahassee's downtown revitalizatrion project got another boost today with the official groundbreaking of Plaza Tower Condominiums. Located in the heart of downtown at Kleman Plaza, Plaza Tower complements and mirrors in brick the size and height of the soaring White Florida Capitol building. According to developer Michael Baumann, CEO of Miami-based BCOM, Inc., the project is the first in Tallahassee to offer a unique combination of luxury, amenities and services to residents.

"In this high stress world, people don't want to spend hours in their cars commuting to work. They want to use their leisure hours to relax and enjoy life," said Baumann." Plaza Tower offers the best of all worlds, resort-style services adn all of the comforts of home, wrapped into one - concierge living in the heart of Downtown Tallahassee."

With 24 stories and 202 one and two bedroom units, Plaza Tower is the city's largest and tallest downtown residential project to date. Realtor Russell Sykes, partner in Plaza Tower Realty Group, LLC and lead sales person for the project , says the development is drawing the interest of legislators, lobbyists, investors and retirees because of its convenient location, spectacular views and amentities package.

"Not only will Plaza Tower change the look of Downtown Tallahassee, it will literally change the city's skyline," said Sykes. "We'll have retail space, restaurants, covered parking and cater to the everyday needs of our residents with our on-site concierge. And we're within walking distance to the Capitol, government offices, downtown business." The development fits Mayor John Marks' vision for an 18-Hour downtown.

"This is an exciting time for Tallahassee. Residents will now have access to the kind of lifestyle and amenitites that are mainstays in metropolitian areas," said Mayor Marks. "Our vision for an 18-Hour city is becoming a reality!"

Plaza Tower's future residents are a veritable who's who of Tallahassee business, education and politics. One of Florida's best known legislators, Senator Gwen Margolis says she bought a unit because she wanted a front row seat in Tallahassee's Downtown revitalization.

"Concierge living is brand new to Tallahassee," said Senator Margolis. "That whole concept bumps Tallahassee up the metropolitan ladder to a level alongside Orlando, Tampa, and even Miami in terms of luxury living."

When completed, Plaza Tower will be the largest privately constructed building in Tallahassee and one of the largest structures from Jacksonville to Pensacola.


For More information

Contact: Dana Smith or Juliette Victoria


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I'm ready now... thanks to NCB (me and you are cool buddy)...

Plaza Tower Groundbreaking Photos


This is the site as seen from the FDP Headquarters... this is prior to the Groundbreaking Ceremony. I had just chained my bike to a tree.


These men came out of no where... my first guess was they were the development team, No. They were just lost.



Some pictures of the Site









People swarmed all over at the Plaza Level. The turnout was just a bit more than I expected.


Mr. Sykes, seen in the middle, gave a few words. He is a partner in Plaza Tower Realty, LLC. Standing to his left, Tallahassee's Mayor, to his right Mr. Baumann, the developer.


Poster with rendering.


I wanted to take a shovel home with me.


Developer, Mr. Baumann of BCOM, shared his vision for the Plaza Tower and Tallahassee's downtown. Hinting at the possibility of doing more of the same in the future.



This pretty lady is a State Senator from Miami. She has purchased a unit at the Plaza Tower because she loves Tallahassee and wants to have a front seat as the downtown undergoes it's revitalization.


Here's the Mayor and Mr. Baumann down at the project site preparing for the dirt turning.



Notice how far below the plaza level this building will start. It will be massive from this road.





Afterwards we all enjoy a nice breakfast catered by "Another Broken Egg" a company which hopes to occupy some retail space on the ground level of the Plaza Tower. The reception was held at the "Sitting Hall" on the ground level of the Florida League of Cities Building.

Hope you Enjoyed!!!


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Awesome pics I must say! I am so relieved right now the moment I been waiting for has finally arrived. The actual groundbreaking ceremony. From what news channel 6 said they made it sound like the restaurant Another Broken Egg will occupy some retail. To bad that we can't see a crane right away, but hey I can't complain.

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Plaza Tower Billboards are sprouting up all around Town!! I saw 2 or 3 driving around last night!!!

Their is one on apalachee coming towards the capital a few blocks past barnhills buffet

Their is one on Mahan Drive coming into Tallahassee from I-10 before u hit capital circle!!

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Good things come to those who wiat. hopefully. i like the white gloves of the sign holder... people for easels! tru luxuary.

"Miami-based BCOM, backed 100 percent by a union financed development company, is building the condos." what does this mean...

I love the idea of tallahasseans leaving the high end homes and moving dt. i had a dreama bout htis crane... i hope it doesnt let me down.

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