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St. Pete to get new tallest


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Signature Place will be 35 stories high and have 221 units. Plans originally called for the slim glass-and-metal tower at 100 First Ave. S. to be 366 feet high. To accomodate a more efficient air-conditioning system, the building's height will be raised to 390 feet, making it 4ft taller than Bank of America.


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I believe they plan to start construction in the first quarter of '06. First they have to demolish the building currently on the site.

I think it's cool to get a new tallest. I'm really looking forward to seeing what will be proposed for the Tropicana block, which is supposed to produce the DT St. Pete's first building over 400'.

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What great news for St. Pete - awesome looking building that would be the envy of any urban area. It's been a long time coming, but St. Pete has managed to establish quite a reputation for itself now. This quality architecture and development only enhances it. Congrats St. Pete!

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