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Is there anything odd or interesting about your town? Have you ever been walking around and come across a building or landmark that threw you for a loop?

I was walking in downtown brooklyn today and came across the Ex-Lax building on Atlantic Avenue. Evidently hungarian born scientist, Max Kiss, founded the Ex-Lax Mfg. Co. in Brooklyn in 1902. The brand was bought out by Novartis and is no longer headquartered in Brooklyn.

I never knew Ex-Lax came from my home borough?!



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It could be worse:

THis could be your town's big tourist attraction:


Which isn't so bad, I guess. In case you are wondering, Paul Bunyan is a giant lumberjack rumored to have wandered the forests of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin and chopping down forests in one arm swing. It is also rumored that Paul's large feet made many of Minnesotas 15,000 lakes. Paul's mom used to have to strap on skates with butter on the bottom just to grease the pan for Paul's "flapjacks".

Ah, the folklore of northern Minnesota is bland, at best. But I'd take it over the world's largest ball of twine, which amazingly, is also located in Minnesota, and the owner's granddaughter goes to my University. Small world.

Oh excuse me. THe largest ball of twine is in Kansas.

The largest ball of twine rolled by ONE man (that's the kicker) is located in beautiful Darwin, MN.

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