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Vicente's Cuban Cuisine


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You guys ought to check out Vicente's Cuban Cuisine in downtown (on Library next to Cafe De Troit). Went there last night with my girlfriend, had a blast. Downtown/Greektown was hopping last night! We walked from Vicente's to the State Bar for a few pre-dinner drinks, then back to Vicente's for some top-notch Cuban Food. I highly recommend the Ropa Vieja there and the Mojitos. The place was hoppin' and I felt really safe walking around downtown (a first for me, as a suburban cowboy who was told to stay away)...

Downtown is looking better everyday, can't wait to move down there in May...

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I've been there twice. Very good food, although the first time I was there the service was a bit slow.

Downtown was hopping last night. We went down about 12:30 for a visit to Lafayette Coney Island. There were all kinds of people wandering in all dressed up fancy. We wandered into Greektown for a while before heading back towards Southfield.

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Yeah, I cant really disagree with anything in this post! Vincents is good, and Lafayette is awesome too. I go to both places probably 4 times a week! As a matter of fact, I have the walk timed (sad isnt it?). It takes me 2 minutes to walk to Vincents, and 4 minutes to walk to Lafayette :D

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Like it there? I am moving to downtown or midtown in May, I can't make up my mind where...

I heard the Iodent Building will be available then.

How is the living situation in Merchant's Row?

I love it where I am. LoMR is cool, but a little pricy, especially if you are looking for anything other then a one bedroom. I would definitly recommend it, but I would also be curious to see what else will be available in May when you move down here. I have been looking around at other places since I moved downtown, and I think that if I was to shop around enough, I could have found something comparable to my place in LoMR but for cheaper. Good luck w/your move! I am sure you will have a blast down here.

You didn't happen to paint your face white on Sunday morning and have a smoke while sitting in your window sill, did you? ^_^

LOL, no that would not have been me. I was chillin on my window sill after the game though, always good people watching on Woodward.

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Yah, I didn't know what was up with the white face paint, but the window sill must be a good place to catch a smoke with a friend!

Well, I dont smoke, but it is kinda fun to just sit out there and chill. Sometimes I have long conference calls for work, and I will just sit out there while on the phone, kinda weird I guess, I dont know why. Although it can be a little scary if you are scared of heights....I am on the 5th floor so it is a bit of a drop.

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Sounds like fun, though. Hey, did you see the person's windows in the 1200 block with all the pink in the window? Like on the 2nd or 3rd floor? Sorry if I'm sounding like a creep. I'm just overly observant, I guess. ;)

Yeah, I have noticed that in passing, I am wondering what is up with that. I am assuming it must be a chick living in there. I should go find out :D

jerald, how many of your windows open? That's one thing that I didn't look carefully during my tour. Since they kept the old windows, I'm wondering if any are operational.

Everything below is for the 1400 block, I cannot speak to the 1200 block, as I just dont know...

It all depends on how many windows you have, and where you are in the building. The units facing the griswold block have more windows that open, then the ones facing the woodward block, as they are different types of windows. I believe the ones in the back of the building have two windows that open. The units in the front of the building (facing woodward) only have one window that opens. At least that is how all of the ones that I have been in are. If you have two windows, and only one of them opens, it is not that bad, but I have 5 windows, and only one of them opens :( which kinda sucks, but I have seemed to live with it.

Regarding the windows...the ones in the back of the building are different, and I almost want to say they are newer, whereas the ones in the front of the building are the old lead based panes. They are cool, and they add some charecter (at least imo). I guess you could pry some of the other windows open if you want...but they removed the weights in the walls that support the windows, in all but one window per unit.

Some of the units on the 8th floor (the 3-story units) have a mixture of window...the newer ones on the back of the building, the older ones on the front, and also some block "warehouse-style" windows.

If you ever want to check out some of the units, but dont feel like scheduling an appointment, you can always come check out some of the ones in the 1400 buildings...just to get a feel for the layouts...Lemme know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for your input. I've toured a couple of units in the 1400 block. It's just that I had forgotten to check to see if more than one window was operational.

I prefer natural ventilation/cooling over air conditioning unless it gets to be unbearably hot. With the units in the LoMR laid out the way they are, I think it'd be hard to get cross breeze through the unit. Having more than one window open would help.

That's one of the reasons why I'd prefer a unit in Kales building over LoMR, as some have windows on multiple side of the unit... any many as 3 sides.

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