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Beale street Landing


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It's just a reflection of the possibilities for the Front Street Promenade, I think...

One of the best things a city can do is make an impressive statement on their waterfront. This was done in Chattanooga and it has brought great publicity, increased civic pride, and increased tourism to the city. Memphis is no exception. And being on one the truly great rivers of the world, I think Memphis would be well served to do something like this.

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It's not cut off quite yet! That was a committee's recommendation. However, Tom Marshall was quoted in the CA today saying that the full council would definitely have the final vote. He also stated that he believes in the project and that if it doesn't happen, Memphis would be taking a major step backwards.

I want to vote for Tom Marshall! He's smart, well-spoken, has plenty of city gov't experience, is an architect by trade and is a big proponent of downtown redevelopment. Let's start a petition!

Some bad news on Beale Street Landing, as the city council's CIP committee has now cut off funding for the project.


The sad thing about it is that political opposition got involved.

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I don't know if I agree with Carol Chumney because we need to look at ways that can spur growth and tourism. Yes we are wasting money on some city owned building, but should that really hinder something that might in the end be a huge benefit. As tourists have said in the past, "where is the river and now that I found it, why does it look so bad?" I don't see this going down the same road as mud island because Beale Street Landing is so easily accessible. It is not far from all the bars and restaurants and it is right next an upcoming development, One Beale. Also, with the hotel in One Beale, it doesn't seem like it will have a lack of people going down to see it, as long as it is made a destination spot with restaurants, stores, etc. It could be a major key in helping the area facing the river revitalize.

Can anyone explain to me why the coliseum is still around? From what I understand that is where the heavy metal, rap, and hippie concerts go and that is it. It seems to me we are wasting money just keeping it around.

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This is from the most recent downtown developer!

This summer, construction will begin on Beale Street Landing, one of Downtown's most exciting public projects.

BealeStreetLanding_ramp.jpgThe project began in 2004 when Riverfront Development Corporation - in conjunction with AIA Memphis and the UrbanArt Commission - held an international competition and selected the design concept created by Argentine-based RTN Architects.

The new "civic ending" project will serve as a passenger center for small excursion boats and docking place for larger vessels while also providing safe public access to the river.

Beale Street Landing will include a 590-foot floating dock, a 10,000-square-foot building with both public and commercial space, and park areas.

BealeStreetLanding_terraces.jpg The floating dock will consist of three steel barges and will include a 50-foot helical access ramp that will allow boat access at all river elevations.

The park space will include several alternating landscaped and concrete terraces at different levels that descend down to the river. The lower terraces are designed to provide visitors with a unique and intimate experience with the river during periods of high water levels. Public access to the water was one of the top priorities identified in the Memphis Riverfront Master Plan created in 2002.

The grass-topped building will house a restaurant and a ticket office in addition to providing such public amenities as restrooms and seating. Public parking will be available in the adjacent 56-space surface lot. The total project cost is $29.4 million, and construction should be completed in 2010.


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I was able to head downtown today and it looks like work has begun on the retaining wall. They have the development fenced off and have also leveled some debris and trees that the development will sit on top of. Looks like this thing is going to be a reality.

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