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Atkins contemplates adding floors to Ocean Square


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Apparently, Atkins' deal with the City for the purchase of the Haydon Burns is all but done and should be made public very soon...

In this week's marketing meeting, Atkins announced that they are considering adding two floors to the tower, which would allow for at least twenty more residential units. In addition, 80% of the units are being planned for the $300K price range.


- J

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That is good news. So it might be 14 floors now? I still don't quite understand how it was supposed to be roughly the same height as 11E with only 12 floors. They must be planning some huge ceiling heights.

Though if they can afford to pay that much money for the site ... I still don't understand why they don't want to build even taller than that. It would maximize these riverviews that are apparently so valuable.

Man, if they could just push it to 20+ floors, It would sure kill any reservations I have about the project.

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I would agree with captain on making it taller to really capture the views of the river. Seriously, since most of the buildings south of it are taller, they would pretty much obstruct the views unless someone is looking perhaps towards the east where all they'll see for the most part is the stadium and the river in the distant instead of up close and such. If they can add two more floors, I'm sure by the time it's ready to begin construction, demand might be more.

What do you guys think is the possibility of adding even more than two floors?

Btw, I posted some pics of downtown on the "downtown" forum area... check it out!!!

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I had hoped from the beginning that they would build higher than 11E to be able to offer river views and to fill a gap in the skyline. The only negative would be the 11E sign shining in the windows of Ocean Square.

.... I'm still waiting across the street to see the library blown to bits. I can't wait to see Ocean Square start to rise!!

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