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The Sounds in East Nashville?

Rural King

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I just got done reading Lexy's thread about the new potential plans for the thermal site and the riverfront, which got me to thinking about thinking about East Nashville and the Sounds.

What I was wondering is has there ever been any suggestions about building the new Sounds Stadium next to the Coliseum in East Nashville. It would seem like a good way to promote and stimulate the re-development of that side of the river via the increased year-round activity. I would think the increasing intergration of downtown to East Nashville along with a new stadium could be a great kick-start for commercial and residential growth on that side of the river.

Any thoughts on this idea?

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I like the idea of the Ballpark staying where it is (where it's proposed to go, that is)... BUT I think a Marina on the East Side of the river would be awesome... to keep it all residential and retail, as well as Recreational (with the Marina and boats, etc...) on that side of the river...

Having said that though... the Sounds stadium and Residential WOULD bring that element to the other side of the river... which would speed up development of the East side... so that would be cool too....

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I think either side of the river would be awesome. I can see advantages to having the stadium on either side. If the stadium were built on the East side, I would imagine that parks, and a Chattanooga Style waterfront would do well there. I think most of the residential and retail would be easier to finance and get built on the west side.

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