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Proposed Law Could Allow Guns at Workplace---- why?

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- At Green Acres Sporting Goods on the Westside, guns at work are no big deal.

But salesmen are discussing a bill proposed by two Republican state senators that would make it a crime for employers in Florida to stop their employees from bringing guns to work.

As part of the proposed legislation, the weapon must remain locked inside the gun owners' car.

"Employees, especially working late night shifts, should have the right to protect themselves," said gun salesman Jack Farhat.

He follows gun laws pretty closely and says this proposal is all about self-defense.

"You could get in trouble in any situation and having that protection in your vehicle - not on your person, [but] in your vehicle - I think it's a good thing," said Farhat.

Janis Eldridge, owner of the Oasis Christian Bookstore and Coffee Shop, knows all of her employees personally, but she understands that some businesses have to be a little more cautious.

"There are larger businesses than I am. They don't have the personal knowledge of every employee they hire," said Eldridge.

"They might have someone who might cause difficulty with a gun in their car and they might go out to their car and use it," she added.

Some believe it's a matter of second amendment rights; others say it's about an employee's safety.

"I think they're finding out that people have a little more sense than they give them credit for," said Farhat.

The bill is still in its infancy, but attention is growing.

---are there laws for sex offenders and sex predators, i've heard a lot of cases about this?

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To carry a gun in the workplace you would still have to have a concealed weapons permit under this proposed law, so there would still be background checks. I believe that employers should be allowed to set whatever policy they want though. So, employers should be permitted to either allow or ban guns in the workplace. The freedom to hire and fire and set workplace policies is important along with the 2d Amendment (and I am in the NRA).

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