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October '05 NH flooding

M. Brown

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I dont think people realize how bad it is. Granted its not as bad as the gulf coast but for NH this is big.

2 confirmed dead, others missing


Union Leader News

Two people are dead and several are missing after a torrential storm flooded much of southwestern New Hampshire yesterday morning, prompting officials to declare a state of emergency.

Authorities pulled two bodies from a car that was floating tires-up in the Little Sugar River in the town of Unity. State police identified the deceased as Steven Day, 20, of Unity, and Ashley Gates, 20, of Claremont.

Full Article Here.

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Bush signs federal flood aid for NH


State House Bureau Chief

Concord — President Bush yesterday signed the state’s request to declare a major federal disaster from floods that hit the state this month, making individuals, businesses and the state eligible for federal assistance.

Bush’s action was praised by Gov. John Lynch and member of the state’s Congressional delegation.

Full Article Here.

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It is really upsetting what happened to New Hampshire and other parts of New England with all of the rain and flooding. Hopefully it won't take to long to recover.

Yeah it was pretty bad. I dont think people were expecting it to be that bad. Obviously its not on the same scale as NO but its bad for anyone to lose thier home no matter what natural disaster you were in. Condolenses for all those people out there.

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