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Downtown Muskegon Redevelopment Webcam


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Hey, Muskegon doesn't seem to get much rep of this board, so I guess I'll be in charge of that.

Anyway, here's a link to a webcam showing the redevelopment of the former mall area in downtown muskegon.


Welcome skeetowner! Maybe adding the "Metro" will make us grow even more. Thanks for the link! Can you give us a run-down on this project? Is this where they are tearing down the old downtown mall?

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Yes, this is the site of the former Muskegon Mall. The plan is to first reconstruct the original street grid and then construct a bunch of mixed use buildings. (I just hope it just doesn't end up cheap and fake looking). I don't have any decent renderings, unfortunately. There are five historic buildings that weren't razed during the construction of the mall in the 70's, and they are going to be rahabbed keeping their historic facades. Here is an aerial of the site being redeveloped:


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