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Dutch house gone and other matters


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Yes, the Dutch house is gone, along with Maberta, which once stood next to said Dutchery. 3102 West End Circle is the vintage apt. house replica shown on the sign and ready to replace the house. Should be a nice building, with Midtown Lofts replacing Maberta. Hate to see the old stuff go, but quality new infill will add density and future development intensity.

I drove the Gulch today too. Love the new street light hardware. In five years, we won't recognize that area.

Didn't know that info on Adelicia. But it sounds interesting and encouraging. I drove through that site today, too. The developer is Corner Realty, led by Ray Hensler. I've talked to Ray on the phone a few times and am impressed with his energy and professionalism. He has never undertaken a development of this magnitude, so some will remain skeptical. Also, he is using a realtor with Worth Properties to market and sell the units. Worth is a relatively new company that typically sells suburban single-family homes. So this will be new for Worth (at least I assume). I remain hopeful Adelicia will materialize.

JM and I will get you in the rotation the next time.


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