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NJ Nets to find a new home in Brooklyn mini-city?


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Developer Wants His Project, and Buying Nets Hinges on It


Published: New York Times December 12, 2003

Bruce C. Ratner is not a superfan, but he wants the Nets, covets them so much that his company will not build a $2.5 billion downtown Brooklyn project, which features a glass-sheathed arena topped by a track and an ice skating rink, without them. Talk about incentive: no Nets, no minicity.

"We're going to get the Nets in Brooklyn," Ratner vowed on Wednesday under the elegant domed ceiling of Borough Hall's old courtroom. To stress how much he needs the Nets, he banged his right fist on a lectern and said he would triumph over two rival suitors "if it's the last thing I do."

Nets owners, one day removed from agreeing to break up YankeeNets....


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A Grand Plan in Brooklyn for the Nets' Arena Complex


Published: New York Times December 11, 2003


The developer Bruce Ratner unveiled his plans yesterday to build a Frank Gehry-designed arena for the Nets basketball team near Downtown Brooklyn. He detailed his ambitious $2.5 billion commercial and residential project at a theatrical presentation attended by the mayor, a former basketball star and a best-selling rapper...


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