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SunTrust Building


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Don't know how many of you got a chance to read the NCP.... they had a great article on the SunTrust Building.


I thouth this was particularly awesome:

Once completed, the 340,000-square-foot building with a glass and granite exterior will be unique for downtown with its landscaped plaza and fountain, according to Eakin.

THAT IS AWESOME!!! I think Nashville should require every future developer in downtown to do this! They should all have to provide a plaza of some sort and either a fountain, or public artwork. It may seem like a whole lot of trouble, for not much at all, but it really does add a whole lot of character and personality to a city.

I also really like granite for the "skin" of a building. It always looks great! This is going to be a great addition to your downtown!!!!!

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I just went to the eakin partners website, but they have no renderings of the project (with the plaza and fountain). :angry:

So, Doormanpoet, would you happen to have acess to that? Please, pretty please!!!! :):silly:

I would love to see that!!!


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