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Boise: East Parkcenter Bridge in 2008?


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The East Parkcenter bridge, considered essential to further development in much of east Boise, may be built in 2008.

Construction on the East ParkCenter bridge in Southeast Boise could start by 2008 under a new agreement announced Friday morning.


The East ParkCenter bridge is a linchpin to future development of the Barber Valley and Harris Ranch and other developments are in hold until the bridge issue is resolved. A new bridge over the Boise River at East ParkCenter is important to drivers, recreationists and businesses beyond East Boise.


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This bridge needs to be built, i live on that side of town and Harris Ranch and other projects cannot continue untill that bridge is done, ya it means more sprawl, but it also helps projects like Browns Crossing and the Bus system and future light/commuter rail by opening Boise up to more people.

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